Church Visiting

About: This is a direct way of staying in touch with each other in order to have mutual accountability and oversight. The guidelines for our Classis is that church visitors should come at least once per year. If your church hasn’t been contacted by the church visitors this year yet, it might be because they’re waiting for an invitation. So go ahead and invite them!

If you’d like to see what church visiting is all about, there are two documents that can be found in our online folder (CLICK HERE). In the folder “Guides for Roles” look for these two documents:

  • A Guide to Church Visiting
  • A Brief Guide to Church Visiting

Contact (please email the classis clerk for more complete contact information):

  • North Region: Rev. Harold de Jong, Mr. Gerry Weynberg (alternates: Rev. Evert Busink, Rev. Brian Bolkema)
  • Central Region: Rev. Harrison Newhouse, Rev. John Bothof (alternate: Drew Ryder)
  • East Region: Rev. Anson Veenstra, Rev. Dave Huizenga (alternate: Rev. Jack Van Marion)