Bridge App

You may or may not have realized it, but if your church is part of Classis Lake Superior you have access to the CRCs “Bridge App”. This app is designed to help our churches connect through mobile devices with those inside and outside of our worship spaces.

Start by checking out the website that has been created to introduce the app. There is a whole host of information on this site. Of particular interest, would be the video that you find on the home page. Click on the picture of Darren Roorda and the video will play. This is a presentation that the creater of the video did at his home church.

Essentially, the app works in two parts: the online church which can be seen by anyone who downloads the app; and your local church. The process of having local church content onboarded to the app has just begun. We hope to work at this in earnest come the new year. Each church will choose someone from their church (usually the office administrator), to upload your church’s content. Of particular interest would be your church directory, audio or video or sermons, contact list of staff members, etc. Once this has been done, then your church will begin the process of “verifying users” of your congregation. This will then enable verified users to see all local church content.

Understandably, this process can be a bit time consuming. We are working with the app developer, Extreme Technology, on creating a set of training webinars that church administrators can have access to which will train them on all aspects of the app. For now, please continue to experiment with all of the content that can be found on the “Online church” AND continue to encourage others to download the app and visit website!

We’re looking forward to a great response to The Bridge App and your participation when the time comes!