There are a number of standing committees of classis. In no particular order, they are listed below. See also the “Resources for Churches” page for people/programs available for your church.


Classis Interim Committee (CIC)

About: The Classis Interim Committee does all things entrusted to it by Classis, and those things which require the actions of Classis prior to its next meeting. In essence, it functions as the executive committee of Classis. To do its work, it meets immediately prior to each meeting of classis, as well as in August to finalize the budget.

Contact: The Classis Clerk (


Finance Committee

About: This committee is made up of the CIC, two non-ministerial members, and the Classis Treasurer. They receive and submit to Classis all requests for financial support. They may recommend to Classis a report different from the requested amount, provided the rationale is financial and the original request is submitted along with the Finance Committees’ final proposal. They must receive requests for financial support by July 15 (for the Sept meeting of Classis) and December 15 (for the March meeting).

Contact: The Classis Clerk (

Home Missions Committees

About: In our Classis there is a Home Missions Committee for Canadian region, and another for the United States.

The Committees are mandated by classis to:

  • Keep Classis and the denominational Board of Home Missions informed concerning possible new fields within the bounds of Classis.
  • Furnish advice to the denominational Board concerning the work of missionaries in the fields of Classis.
  • To cooperate with the denominational Board in the promotions of the opening of new fields and the strengthening of existing fields within the bounds of Classis. They shall advise Classis on requests from emerging churches for aid from the Church Loan Fund, Inc. and other denominational sources.
  • To promote and give guidance to the evangelistic activity of the various churches of Classis.

Canada Contact: Rev. Joe Hamilton, chair | 807-355-3183 | pastorjoe [at]
USA Contact: Rev. David Zylstra


Classical Ministerial Leadership Team

About: The Classical Ministerial Leadership Team seeks to identify, encourage and support men and women who feel God’s call to ministry.

Contact: Rev. John Vanderburgh | 807-482-3573 | pastorjohn.emocrc [at]


Safe Church Team

About: The Safe Church Team exists to serve consistories of the churches of Classis with education about abuse prevention, assistance in dealing with allegations of abuse within the local church, and support for all those involved. These services will be provided solely upon the request of and for the benefit of the consistory and may be terminated at any
time by either the consistory or the Safe Church Team members assigned to that church. These services are educational and supportive, and carry no authority to act independently of what the consistory asks it to do.

Contact: Rev. Jeff Vanderhooft, chair | 320-222-3387 | rev.van[at]