Dr. Jeffrey Weima in Thunder Bay (Apr. 28-29)


Dr. Jeffrey Weima is Professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary, where he has taught for the past 25 years. He is a sought-after speaker who is able to communicate well the truths of the Bible in an interesting, contemporary and practical manner.

Jeff has published five books and is the author of numerous scholarly articles and academic essays. He lectures widely around the world and regularly leads biblical study tours to Greece, Turkey, Israel/Jordan, and Italy. He also conducts intensive preaching seminars for pastors, and preaches often in churches in both the USA and Canada.

First CRC in Thunder Bay has organized for Jeff to speak on:

  • Same-Sex Activity: What does the New Testament Say? (Apr. 28)
  • How To Read The Bible for All It’s Worth (Apr. 29)

Both of these events are open to anyone and everyone! It’s First’s hope that congregations, pastors, and the broader community will be able to engage in these seminars/discussions. They are certainly relevant to our every day life and walk of faith!

In addition to these, The Center for Excellence in Preaching, has sponsored a third presentation by Jeff on:

  • How to Read a Pauline Letter: The Test Case of Philemon (Apr. 28)

This presentation is directed at pastor and preachers. The specifics are yet to be finalized by a minimal cost will cover your lunch and give you a discounted copy of Jeff’s newest book: Paul the Ancient Letter Writer.

Contact Pastor Joe Hamilton with any questions. He’s happy to assist in whatever way he can! pastorjoe@fcrctbay.ca


Posters to print and share: