Ministry Shares for 2017

Ministry Shares have in some places been inappropriately labelled a “membership fee” or “CRC tax”. They’re not.

Ministry Shares represent a shared mission of all Christian Reformed Churches to be affecting the world – locally and globally – through the gifts that we’ve been given either in talent, time, or finances. Simply put: They help all churches (large and small) to do the work that Christ has called us to do whether it be in Gospel Proclamation & Worship, Faith Formation, Servant Leadership, Mercy & Justice, or Missions.

Together we share the load and join in on the work. Some agencies like World Renew (as just one example) exemplify this. Leaving room for churches to send members with talent and time to help rebuild communities and/or to give some of their finances through Ministry Shares and other avenues if they want to give more.

So, while Ministry Shares aren’t a “tax” or a “fee” they are a crucial piece to how the Christian Reformed Churches strive to live out their calling in the world and it only runs well with everyone’s help! Check out the document provided. Share it with your congregation. Teach them about everything your church supports – guaranteed it’s more than most realize!

Here is the link to your 2017 Classical Ministry Shares document:

2017 Classical Ministry Shares

Deacons: As you lead your congregations in stewarding all their gifts, you might consider contacting some of the agencies that receive ministry shares. Maybe it’s time your church invites someone to tell the story of what Christ has been doing through them with your offerings. There are countless stories, especially when you speak to our classically supported agencies! You just need to ask for them!