Minutes of Special Meeting – December 2014

TO: Churches, Ministers and Commissioned Pastors in Classis Lake Superior, and CRCNA Offices
FROM: Harold de Jong, Stated Clerk
RE: Minutes of the Special Meeting of Classis, December 2, 2014
DATE: 12-09-14

Greetings to you all. Please see the Minutes of the Special Meeting of Classis on December 2, 2014, which are attached to this email. Please distribute as necessary. (NOTE: The minutes can be found on the website here)

Also, I would like to call your attention to the transition taking place at the end of the month. My term as Stated Clerk concludes December 31, 2014. Rev. Henry Gunnink will begin his term as Stated Clerk on January 1, 2015. Please note his email address on this email.

Thank you for the cooperation and understanding you have shown me through the past six years. It was a pleasure and an honour to serve in this way.

May the Lord of the Church continue to pour out his blessings upon you all this Christmas and throughout the New Year 2015.