Pre-Classis Notice #2

TO: Councils, Ministers, Committees and Ministries of Classis Lake Superior
FROM: Harold de Jong, Stated Clerk
RE: September Meeting of Classis
DATE: July 22,, 2014

Greetings. The items below are a repeat from the notice dated May 21, 2014. Also, please note that Dr. Steve Timmerman, the newly appointed CRCNA Executive Director, is planning to address Classis at 4:30 pm Monday.

The next meeting of Classis Lake Superior is scheduled for September 15-16, 2014, at Lake Geneva Christian Center, Alexandria MN. Here are a few reminders as we prepare for Classis:

  1. A reminder that all items for the Agenda, including Committee and Ministry Reports, should be sent to me six weeks prior to the meeting of Classis, that is, by August 4.
  2. The Classis Expense amount for 2014 was set at $14.50 per member. Please bring your check for half the amount, $7.25, to the September meeting.
  3. Lodging for delegates is at the Lake Geneva Christian Center. Early bird lodging Sunday night is also available. Please send me the names and lodging requests of delegates asap. It will cost delegates $16.00 per night if they choose the single room option.
  4. Our Pre-Classis Conference will be led by Rev. Mark Stephenson, of CRCNA Disability Concerns.
  5. Please note that Councils should submit their requests for renewal of license to exhort at the September meeting of Classis. Include that request in the Credentials.
  6. Also, note that an election for a new Stated Clerk will take place at this meeting of Classis. Nominations should be sent to me by July 31, 2014, so that I can forward them to CIC for consideration at it’s August meeting.

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